Jakob and, if needed, his team, are available for hire as a videographer for very small to medium size productions. Being both a trained musician and professional videographer, Jakob is able to make use of a unique skillset that enables him to adhere to the highest artistic and technical standards. His focused, stress-free workflow allows musicians to perform at their full capability.
We are able to provide entire projects from planning to publication. If necessary, this can include location scouting, studio space, equipment rental, lighting, photography, video and audio recording, mixing, editing, mastering, colour grading, network specific delivery and creating accompanying media such as social media ads and video thumbnails.
Jakob has a wide selection of high-quality professional gear and software available for your projects. If we need to scale the project scope up, it is no problem for us to rent the necessary additional equipment at reasonable rates.
The video content can be delivered in high-quality ProRes HD or 4K and if necessary, it can be prepared for television broadcast purposes.
Jakob is also available as a lecturer for music videography workshops and seminars. He can speak both German and English fluently.

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