Jakob Schmidt is a freelance musician, teacher and music videographer. 
As a classically trained guitarist, he recorded several albums, toured three continents and was featured both in Radio and Television. Already at a young age, his musicianship was awarded many times and his perpetual love for classical chamber music is evident in two of his successful projects: The Weimar Guitar Quartet and the Kaiser Schmidt Guitar Duo.
Jakob is an enthusiastic music teacher in his Bavarian home town at the Friedberg School of Music, where he is hoping to emulate the successes of his father and mentor Stefan Schmidt, who is considered one of the most eminent educators for young guitarists worldwide.
For more than a decade, Jakob has participated in countless music productions. He has always had an immense interest in photography, cinematography and sound engineering, and his mother Sabine Oswald-Schmidt has been working in the media design industry for more than three decades. Her lessons and advice inspired him to start a business as an independent music videographer in 2017.
Jakob's productions for many international artists have reached millions of viewers on various channels and platforms, and in turn has helped these musicians to grow their presence both online and with concert and festival organisers. Not only does he produce the media, but he also educates young and upcoming musicians both directly and through Universities on how to position themselves in the new and ever-changing music landscape.
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